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Pamela Slim, Founder of Main Street Learning Lab, forged a new career path at an early age. “I started my own business when I turned 30,” Pamela recalls. “I loved my previous jobs as a training manager for large companies and didn’t hate corporate life. I just needed a change and sort of fell into entrepreneurship.”


Pamela was off and running as an author, speaker, and business coach. She spent her first years getting comfortable, having sales conversations, doing really good work, and building client relationships. Pamela recounted her odyssey in her best-selling 2009 book, “Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur.”


Her passion for the entrepreneurial life eventually segued into founding Main Street Learning Lab in Mesa, AZ, which helps the local and global community of small business owners diagnose and overcome core business problems. However, in its early days, the Learning Lab had a few core problems of its own.

Name: Ronaldo D. Slim

Address: 4352 Cityview Drive, Pennsylvania,

Phone: +1 610-457-2263 

Website: http://www.demosite.com/

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